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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I have not been missing. I have been disillusioned watching the world hurl insults at someone who is only speaking her mind, not even hurting anyone.

When I first read about 'blogging' in a past issue of InTech, I thought it would be a nice thing if Pinky and I could have our own blog where we could express our opinions on any issue. Instead we get someone spamming our comment boxes with obscenities, and a big debate going on about how low my Pinky's IQ is and whether she is attractive or not.

Maybe we should take this down Pinky. I don't think I can stand seeing them tear you apart any more.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

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Hi to everyone....

I already was quitting to update this Web Site because it is not funny to know that so many people is so unkind and evil and have no heart. Is it call 'heartless'? Yes, I think so.

But then Ah Wei and Alice and Andy said I must not care about people who are not nice because they have no life and there are many other people who still love me and want me to continue! Well I like to make freinds so I think I will continue as long as I have your support, my freinds! ^_^ I don't know where Brain is, maybe he has test or exam. He is always studying I think. He was telling me that last time. I don't know why he study so hard. Well maybe he wants to be smart and impressing girls, but I was telling him girls cannot be impress by people who study hard! Why must he stay in the room and read books and do exersize (hehehe what kind of exersize?!!) for so long and then just do a test paper for 2 or 3 hours? I think that is crazy. I think I like guys who can go to pub or club and knows how to have fun and PARTY!! Of course they must also be smart, it is useless to be very fun but not have powerful brains. But if you have a lot of money then you can.... ^_^

Well I think Brain maybe is not having a lot of money, so he is thinking by hard working he can make money. I don't know if that is true. People says that to be a doctor or engineer you must be working all the time and studying all the time, and then you can make money. Well I know some freinds like Van and Jony who finish only high school or maybe didnt even! Today they are very rich. How? By doing buisness of course! Buisness mans don't have to spend all the time studying. They are always partying and still they make so much money? And when they party it is actually WORKING because they are making contact! Van says it is called 'net working'. So a buisness man will only have to do net working which is fun, and don't have to wake up so early! Do you know doctors sometimes cannot sleep? The hospitals can call doctors any time! This is because people can be sick whether it is day time or night time. It is very bad! Business you can do ANY time. You can not have to work if you don't want to, party when you want to. Well, that is what Van told me, and he has 3 cars already which is not Japanese or PROTON branded. And you know what? He is still less than 30 years aged!

Okay I am tired of writing so long! I hope you will apprecate this Web Site. I have recieved emails from many people and I am happy they like me and supported me. Thank you so much!!!!!!! ^_^

Monday, November 18, 2002

Hi. I am very sad....

Why are you all saying I am lying? I never said I am the model in the Samsumg billboard. I said I look like her. Cant you all read properly? Are you all blind? Why must you come to my Web Site and then critiscize me? If you dont like me you can all go away. Especially you, demon cock or what name you want to use. I think you have no life. Like Andy says you are 'lamer'. I dont hate you. I just dont like you. You think you are great? You think you are so handsome? I check your Web Site. It is so ugly. You are from limkokwing? I thought the people there are suppose to be good artist or designers. Well it looks like that place also has very bad students. I am surprise you can pass your exam. You think you are so cool, you think you have a good band.... well I never heard of your band before and I think nobody likes it also. You are not cool. You are just evil, very proud and egostic and think you are the best. Well I think you are like that because actually you are a scaredee cat. You are afraid people dont like you so you must use dirty words and talk bad about everyone as if you are so smart. I pity you. I also pity your parents. Poor people who get a son like that.

All the rest of you, I am very hurt. People say internet is a nice place to make a lot of freinds.... yes I have make a lot of freinds but also find out that there is a lot of people who are not nice at all.

I am sorry I am angry. Maybe I am hurt. Tomorrow is Ah Wei's brithday so I want to wish her happy birthday. She is actually here sitting behind me. We are going out after I sent this news. Thanks for being my freind Ah Wei!!! ^_^

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Oha! ^_^

I manage to make the links myself last night, after Andy told me how. It is actually quite easy. I hope you will also link back to me because I think Andy said this is how to do things? Anyway I see that some of the links don't work very well. If you are listed and they don't work, please email me here hellopinkly@hotmail.com and I will try to correct my mistake.

Last night I went to watch Harry Potter. I love the movie! I love Harry Potter. I missed the starting because Alice was eating quite slowly.... hehehehe. She was eating only some fruits and salad but I don't know why she always take so long. I call her 'calorie girl' but she likes vegetables so much sometimes I call her 'celery girl'! Hehehe in return she calls me 'salary girl' because I am earning my own money and supporting myself.

Well Harry Potter 2 is a great great movie. There are many spells and tricks, and the only part I don't like is Gilderoy Lockheart because he is not what I imagine he will look like from reading the books. I think Harry Potter is really smart and cute and is a good hero that makes good role models. Because he is also just very normal, like me and you, and yet as Profesor Dumbledore says he is.... determine and strong and makes right choices.

It is a very important lesson. Making right choices will make you the person. I hope I made the right choices too not going to school and concerntrating on my carreer. Well, only time will tell for sure, right? Mean while, don't worry be happy! ^_^

A lot of people ask me to put my picture here, but Brain said it is not so good idea. Well if you want to know what I look like, maybe you can see the Samsumg True i billboard they have here and there. Yes, is it me in the poster

I see there are also some people who don't like me. Well all I can say is I am a freindly person and I will be your friend if you want me to, but if you don't want to be freinds, I won't be sad or miss you, ok?!!! Because if you have nothing better to critiscize me then maybe you should not waste so much time. Bye.

Hello pinky. I'm so sorry about the last post. I was feeling too well. In fact, that's why I haven't been online in a while. I somehow caught an ear infection and my mother wouldn't let me out of bed for a few days until she was sure I was alright.

Don't worry about anything Pinky. I'll get your links done for you. To Mr. Demon Cock, I'm not one for swearing, but fuck off. If you don't like what you read here. Don't read it. Simple. Don't come here and critisize my Pinkly. The sweetest girl in the world. She's never done anything to you.

You all might think that your 'hidden' sarcasm is ok because she will not feel it. But I feel it for her and I know that you are all probably chatting on ICQ and thinking that this is a big laugh. Continue to do that, remember that you will all have to wipe my CEO backside in 10 years time. But please stop being so nasty and 'complimenting' my poor Pinky who doesn't know any better.

I love you Pinky.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I am trying to make the links page myself, because Brain is suddenly not online anymore so I cannot contact him. But hehehehe....... I am not sure how to do it? Can someone help please? You can email me.

I have not gone to school for one week already and you know what, I don't miss it. I miss my friends and some of my teachers especially Mr.Sim (cute! hehehehe) but I definately are not missing history or accounts or bahasa!

Well today I have a review for you. Yesterday Adrian (who is also Andys' brother) bought me a new CD, the singer is call Linkin park. I have heard Linkin park before because I think was on MTV. Well, the CD cover has a robot from anime cartoon, but inside, it is all english! I was thinking maybe it is Japanese CD, like Utada Hikaru, because of the cartoon picture. Well the music is quite different. I don't know if I really like it or not. My favourite band is NSync (I don't really like BSB) and Britney Spears. Britney is so cool! I love her clothes especially in I'm A Slave For You. I think it is very fashionable. Lately she also wore the clothes by Donatella Versace. Well, soon she will be wearing her own clothes because she is going to become a fashion designer also when her tours is over.

Well I was talking about Linkin park album. I don't know if you can call it music? Because it is actually a lot of noise. No nice lyrics like NSync, or nice melodys and dance rythm like Britney Spears. Hehe..... after 15 minutes I have a headache! There is a lot of shouting and talking, and some rap. Also it has the very irritating sounds effects, repeating many times. But I like the cover!

Well the consclusion is? I will not buy the CD. Sorry Mr. Linkin park. Well but I got the CD for free, so I can say one good thing.... the cover is quite nice! ^_^

Monday, November 11, 2002

It is nice to have friends. I have checked the guest book and some people have put their comments. Thank you for being so nice! I will ask Brain to make the links for all of you okay? I hope you can also add links to this Web Site. Maybe we can become good friends and meet? I like to meet new people no matter what race you're.

Anyway today I didnt go to school again. ^_^ Again I woke up late. Well, I have to think if its bad or good. Is school good? People always just say 'go to school!' but they never say why. Why must I go to school? Will I learn anything important? I have a job. I can already make quite a lot of money. My mother has open a trust fund for me. I think I even make more money than some of my friends parent's? Well I am not showing off. I am just saying the truth. I think it is more important to meet people because you will have contact and advance your career like that.

Well last night I was meeting Mr. Lee. Hehehe, I cannot say his full name, because it is a secret. Mr. Lee is the owner of a small agency, but their model's have high profile jobs in south east Asea. I might be getting some new shoots from just meeting him. That means more money and stable carreer. Why do I need to learn log? Why do I need to learn where to find for gold? I am not going to be making science experiments or digging for gold. Why must people learn all this?

Well it is just a question that is disturbing my mind. I hope you can think about it also.

ps:- what is 'suki'?

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Woah. Today Vincent suggested that we cut a class. I won't say which class or when it was, but I hope nothing too important was taught today. I don't want to be left behind in any of my subjects.

So we snuck off to a cyber cafe nearby. I was just sweating all over. Guilt? I don't know. All I could think about what suddenly seeing the lecturer appear in her full glory at the door. Didn't really enjoy it. Don't think I'll do it again.

I think it was a waste of time and money. I mean how productive can playing a game called "War-car" or something be? What do you get out of it? Studying is good. A lot of people may think it's boring or geeky but I'm paving my future while others are having fun now. Just wait. I'll be the CEO of some big company, you popular people will be washing my toilets.

Pinky! I will be great. I will be able to give you anything and everything you want. Jung will be nothing. Look at him. Copying my assignments, drinking everynight. Jung will make my coffee in the years to come. Pinky. I love you.

Good morning friends! ^_^

I just woke up today, so I think I cannot go for class because I'm late! Hehehe..... what can I do today? I checked my guest book, and so nice of you friends to leave your messages..... I will sent Brain the email already to put you all onto our links section. This is so fun, but I am out of ideas for what to write?

Because its too early maybe?

Okay, what did you have for breakfast? Usually I eat a light meal for breakfast, because if you dont eat then your body actually will stores more fat! Why? I read in a sceince journal many years ago...... so today I was eating bread with chicken slice and tomatos and cucumber. No butter or mayyonnaise (Is the spelling correct?)
For lunch I usually eat a fruit, like banana or apple or oranges. The real secret is to drink a lot of water! Water is very purifying, and it makes my skin clear and fresh. ^_^

If you are a girl, you will know what I mean, at some times in the life (during the month hehehe!). Well if you drink too much water, your body can get boated, that means a lot of water will be kept in your cells. During this time, I still drink a lot of water, never take less! But I also exercise more.... the exercise will help the blood to flow and you will have this hormone releasing in the blood, its called "endomorphine" - its not like the drug! But then it will make you feel happy and less pained, and you will sweat out the water that you drink.

Well, I hope this tips will be useful..... in the professional modelling world, many people follow such a work out. Going to check my emails now.... I have email from Van! Remember, I was meeting Van in the weekend..... hehehehe he says, "Hello Beautiful...." and wants to go for a dinner! Should I or should I not? Do I really like him? Hehehehee.... make decisions.... ^_^

Today I have a very bad headache.... my head is going to explode when I wake up just now. =(

Ohhh..... I wonder why!!!?!!??!!!?? =((((